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Concepts for Conscious Living 

A Workshop That Will Transform Your Life


Concepts for Conscious Living is a way to make life easier!  The tools presented will teach you a new way of thinking that eliminates the struggle and give you the resources you need to create your life your way!  Starting with the essentials, this simple wisdom will take you to a deeper understanding of reality and will make more sense of the world than most people will ever experience.  Together we will uncover the beliefs that keep you stuck, discover the patterns that sabotage your success, and awaken your potential. 




  • Learn tools to THRIVE and prosper  

  • Become whole  - connect with your true self

  • Let go of judgments and beliefs about right and wrong 

  • Break away from old patterns that continually self-sabotage you

  • Understand yourself and others and why we do the things we do

  • Start separating facts from the story you tell yourself for peace of mind

  • Move beyond fear, resentment, blame and anger

  • Explore ways to be by yourself and with yourself - and love it!

  • Create a new reality – one of your choosing


Groups starting in September are in Doylestown, Harleysville and Pottstown area. Meets every 2 weeks for 1 ˝ hours.  $75/2 sessions or $180 for 6.  Host a group in your home or office and get all 6 at ˝ price.


To register or get more information contact Pat at 215-348-9192 or by email at pat@coaching4success.com




Not local? Have 6 or more friends or associates who are interested? We’ll come and give a free intro and set up classes at your location!



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