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About Pat

Iím proud to say that Success Coaching recently celebrated 15 years of helping people from all walks of life achieve levels of success they never imagined. Many of my clients remain as friends.

Iíve spent most of my adult life on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.  After years of working for educational and non-profit institutions, as well as corporations, I began Success Coaching.

My personal experience made me realize many of us need assistance to achieve our goals and new levels of success.  During the early years I discovered that for myself and my clients, no matter how we much accomplished it never seemed to be enough. Somehow we always seemed to come up short.  I began to realize that if we donít make changes on the inside, what's on the outside will never be enough.  

My search for deeper answers toward real and lasting change led me to study at the Metaphysical Mentoring Institute.  What I quickly discovered was a revolutionary process that goes beyond changing behaviors to changing beliefs and the way we perceive the world and people around us.

The simple and practical tools I learned opened my eyes to possibilities and a level of peace I never knew existed!  Since then Iíve been sharing a whole new set of tools and skills to move my clients along their path to success.

Today I live and work in Doylestown with my family and my dog, experiencing life in a way I never could have imagined just a few years ago! 

Joy to you!

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